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Vocation:Elite Knight
Last login:20th of February 2018, 20:04:17

Last deaths

13th of February 2018, 13:01:33Died at level 126 by a ghoul.
11th of February 2018, 18:33:35Died at level 115 by a vampire.
5th of January 2018, 13:47:15Died at level 73 by an orc berserker.
4th of January 2018, 10:38:12Died at level 69 by a vampire.
4th of January 2018, 10:28:54Died at level 72 by a necromancer.
2nd of January 2018, 00:52:45Died at level 66 by a dragon lord.
30th of December 2017, 16:06:18Died at level 17 by a vampire.
27th of December 2017, 16:44:14Died at level 13 by a rotworm.