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Name:Dave Mustaine
Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Last login:16th of December 2020, 14:02:54

Last deaths

14th of December 2020, 15:54:08Died at level 162 by Demodras.
19th of October 2020, 18:53:58Died at level 162 by a hydra.
21st of September 2020, 22:42:43Died at level 151 by a hydra.
14th of September 2020, 15:07:19Died at level 154 by a hydra.
9th of September 2020, 21:57:32Died at level 134 by a warlock.
9th of September 2020, 13:55:45Died at level 135 by a hydra.
31st of August 2020, 19:19:32Died at level 100 by a minotaur guard.
29th of August 2020, 06:34:57Died at level 100 by a demon.
28th of August 2020, 22:12:36Died at level 97 by a dragon lord.
26th of August 2020, 23:18:40Died at level 90 by a dragon lord.