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Vocation:Royal Paladin
Last login:29th of March 2020, 19:07:34

Last deaths

23rd of March 2020, 18:57:52Died at level 80 by a black knight.
23rd of March 2020, 15:43:31Died at level 77 by The Old Widow.
19th of March 2020, 21:10:23Died at level 27 by a hunter.
19th of March 2020, 20:28:57Died at level 26 by a minotaur guard.
19th of March 2020, 20:14:48Died at level 26 by an orc berserker.
19th of March 2020, 18:51:10Died at level 20 by a crypt shambler.
19th of March 2020, 17:54:04Died at level 14 by a dwarf soldier.