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Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Last login:7th of June 2019, 02:13:33

Last deaths

10th of April 2019, 00:42:43Died at level 80 by a slime.
6th of April 2019, 15:49:15Died at level 80 by an ancient scarab.
1st of April 2019, 01:51:42Died at level 78 by a behemoth.
31st of December 2018, 22:53:40Died at level 68 by an orc shaman.
23rd of October 2018, 02:52:50Died at level 65 by a mummy.
22nd of October 2018, 05:26:22Died at level 64 by a fire elemental.
19th of October 2018, 13:09:36Died at level 62 by a behemoth.
13th of October 2018, 20:38:34Died at level 31 by a minotaur mage.
11th of October 2018, 14:03:17Died at level 21 by a slime.
11th of October 2018, 03:13:49Died at level 11 by a cave rat.