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Name:Inzane Paladin
Vocation:Royal Paladin
Last login:17th of May 2019, 05:34:19

Last deaths

10th of June 2018, 04:47:50Died at level 88 by a monk.
5th of June 2018, 02:55:55Died at level 89 by a dragon lord.
3rd of June 2018, 03:52:13Died at level 68 by a dragon.
1st of June 2018, 03:38:34Died at level 62 by a demon skeleton.
1st of June 2018, 03:32:39Died at level 63 by a priestess.
31st of May 2018, 21:00:00Died at level 63 by a dragon.
31st of May 2018, 18:56:53Died at level 61 by a dragon.
29th of May 2018, 03:08:16Died at level 35 by a dragon.
29th of May 2018, 02:57:08Died at level 36 by a dragon.
28th of May 2018, 23:30:00Died at level 32 by a stalker.