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Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Last login:11th of July 2020, 16:58:03

Last deaths

14th of May 2020, 23:45:43Died at level 61 by an orc.
13th of May 2020, 13:26:22Died at level 62 by a minotaur guard.
13th of May 2020, 13:20:51Died at level 64 by energy.
30th of November 2019, 01:46:53Died at level 70 by a beholder.
22nd of June 2019, 13:39:35Died at level 71 by a demon.
2nd of June 2019, 05:36:34Died at level 73 by a dragon lord.
26th of March 2019, 22:28:37Died at level 74 by fire.
6th of March 2019, 21:45:16Died at level 81 by an orc warlord.
27th of July 2018, 01:26:44Died at level 80 by a warlock.
26th of July 2018, 20:21:25Died at level 81 by a demon.