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Vocation:Elder Druid
Last login:19th of July 2021, 15:24:47

Last deaths

28th of March 2021, 00:01:31Died at level 129 by a hydra.
25th of March 2021, 22:36:06Died at level 120 by a hydra.
22nd of March 2021, 12:53:00Died at level 94 by a dragon.
19th of March 2021, 22:24:07Died at level 79 by a dragon lord.
19th of March 2021, 16:51:22Died at level 81 by a dragon lord.
17th of March 2021, 17:28:08Died at level 59 by a dragon.
17th of March 2021, 12:49:08Died at level 49 by a dragon.
16th of March 2021, 23:55:30Died at level 47 by a dragon.
15th of March 2021, 16:29:48Died at level 40 by a dragon.
14th of March 2021, 15:06:27Died at level 20 by a minotaur archer.