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Vocation:Master Sorcerer
Last login:17th of March 2022, 21:13:02

Last deaths

3rd of October 2020, 19:28:09Died at level 198 by Orshabaal.
4th of September 2020, 18:44:30Died at level 175 by a dragon.
28th of August 2020, 20:23:21Died at level 175 by a demon.
25th of July 2020, 09:18:51Died at level 136 by a scorpion.
19th of July 2020, 22:28:06Died at level 126 by a demon.
7th of July 2020, 22:47:19Died at level 111 by energy.
12th of January 2020, 11:18:34Died at level 102 by energy.
5th of November 2017, 16:31:03Died at level 59 by The Old Widow.
13th of October 2017, 15:47:54Died at level 5 by a rat.