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Realots Rules

We may technically ban you for any reason we see fit. However here's some guidelines to avoid getting banned (i.e. following these rules will result in a very low risk of getting banned):
  1. No highly offensive names.
  2. No highly offensive statements in public chats (e.g. Game-Chat) or in the default chat.
  3. No posting of unofficial links in public chats.
  4. No pretending to be official staff or pretending to have any influence over the staff.
  5. No account sharing.
  6. No account trading.
  7. No bad attitude; whining, flaming, ignoring (when talked to), snarky attitude, etc at or towards official staff (GMs, Gods).
  8. No cheating (macros, bots, modifying the client, or other unapproved 3rd party tools)
  9. No more than 3 characters online per player.
  10. No continually harassing random players that has done or said nothing rude to you.
  11. No random pking of characters equal to or below half of your own level.
  12. You're also asked to report serious bugs that you find ASAP to a GM or God.