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Terms of Services

Though we generally try to provide a fair, reliable and high-quality service, you must understand, accept and comply with the following legally binding Terms of Services to at any point use any of our services including but not limited to the use of this website:
  1. You do not legally own any of the data you submit to us.
  2. You do not legally own any digital objects or information stored on our servers whatsoever including but not limited to game accounts, characters, items, forum posts, etc.
  3. All of our services are provided as-if without any guarantee and may at any time stop functioning, permanently shut down, or exclude you from accessing them for any reason whatsoever.
  4. Any and all information or opinions you choose to express or submit to any of our servers or services are solely your own and is only if at all stored and presented on our platform accidentally or WITHOUT ANY FORM OF GUARANTEE to allow circumstantial communication between various parties to the extent that the law permits it.
  5. Though we may circumstantially provide digital objects (perceived video game benefits, video game objects or other digital benefits hosted and provided directly on and from our servers) as gifts in return for donations given/made to the server, we do not provide any guarantees of such returns, thus donations are made without any forms of expectations whatsoever.
  6. Any copyrighted software or software components you may or may not choose to use to connect to our services is a choice made solely by individual users of our services.
  7. Our Terms of Services, website functionality, services and others may change at any point in time and it's up to the user to stay informed and updated on every use.