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Running, maintaining and developing this server is a time, money and energy-costly endeavor.

Donations helps incentivize and support Realots core developers both financially and emotionally by paying for the hosting costs and by showing your support and interest in this project.

As a sign of gratitude donators gets prioritized customer support during the Test Server phase, meaning that donators may request features or events (e.g. raids) to be made and may just have their wishes come true as long as the requests are both possible and reasonable, and commensurate to the donation made.
PS: Requests for items, exp, skills, characters, etc will not be granted to keep things fair for everyone.

We accept Paypal, BTC and LTC donations for now:


BTC: 1FiU9MJ8L92CyxHMBAh7wzXcq1dQai7vrh (added late 2017)

LTC: Lav5MuCsnXeqEJw5qKDrCf3Hf7N7tVmh7J (added 8th of July 2018)