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Server information

For specific information about the server like server rates, please check out our OTLand Thread.


Realots carries the legacy of being the first, the only, and possibly the last OTS to have ever achieved the perfect replication of Real Tibia version 7.70.
The only downside is that the server is so perfectly similar that it is also perfectly restricted to the old features in most respects.
We have been able to change Exp, Loot, Raid, Skill rates and RSA (and more to come), and it is possible to add and modify some content, but some things are either very hard or impossible to change.
You can read more about what we already have, what we can and can't change in the Plans section here.

This project aims to achieve and deliver three main things: Note: The server is still under testing and development. Again please visit our OTLand Thread for more information and updates.