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Server plans and already made changes

The general server plans on a timeline:

First week (1st to 8th of October 2017):

One week period of fun/testing, free help and basic items given by online GMs, followed up by one single full server reset on the 8th of October.

Second week (8th of October 2017 to early 2018):

Experimental server phase for several months forward. This means many server changes, potential minor bugs and potential but unlikely security issues. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK! No more resets until the next phase in early to mid 2018.

Early 2018:

Change of plans.
Focus: Working on improving (by completely rewriting) and securing the software (QM, Login Server and other programs) used to run or to modify the server for a smoother, more stable, more feature-rich and secure experience.
Others: Website polls, and minor in-game changes may be added on requests of the most active players (e.g. rashid or weapon enchantments or some old realots items, etc)

March/April 2018 (estimate):

Early stable launch on a fresh world. Possibility of small and rare hiccups (minor temporary problems).
Focus: A lot of (experimental) in-game changes will be made like items, monsters, raids and others added, changed or removed.

Summer 2018?:

Full stable launch.
Changes will likely be made in batches periodically, i.e. many changes once a month rather than random daily changes. Development focused on big new features and/or areas, new worlds, website improvement, server-sided/automatic cam recording, etc.

Plans and changes in detail

What game-changes has already been made:

Things that will likely be implemented in the future

Things that will NEVER be implemented